Maxon BMR-55

Maxon BMR55-01

Standard Specs:

  • Galvanized Platform
  • 6,600lb Capacity
  • Mechanical Platform Adjustment
  • Main Control Station at the Platform
  • Retention Ramp Locking Mechanism
  • Flashing Platform Lights
  • Plastic Pump Box and Hydraulic Set-up

Maxon GPT-3


Standard Specs:

  • Galvanized Platform
  • 5,000lb Capacity
  • All Aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Rustproof
  • Large Platform for Products on Pallets
  • Torsion Springs for Easy Open/Close

Waltco WDV-55


Standard Specs:

  • Standard Galvanization
  • 5,500lb capacity
  • Platform Safety Lights
  • Free Floating Slide Pads
  • Auto Self-Level
  • Cycle Counter
  • Backup Pump/Motor System
  • Hydraulic Open/Close Mechanism
Erin Theobald

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