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East End Dump

We carry a variety of dump trailers from East. Based on your specific uses, we can easily recommend the best dump trailer for your business.

  • Genesis Smooth-sided Aluminum
    – Aerodynamic design
    – Double-wall design
    – Smooth walls provide higher capacity
    – Exceptional strength
    – Superior stability
  • Frame Dump Trailer
  • Frameless Dump
  • Quarter Frame Dump
  • Aluminum Truck Body
  • Steel Dump

The East Genesis End Dumps design feature smooth sides to help with aerodynamics, is easier to clean, and will show less dings and dents, unlike their post-style wall counterpoints. The Genesis design also provides a larger capacity for your load than similar dump trailers.

  • Full wrap-around bulkhead
  • Premium aluminum floors
  • Reinforced hoist well
  • Quiet ride rubber pads
  • Seamless hoist base assembly
  • Bolted gussets
  • Long-lasting chassis
  • Strong cross members
  • Coal and grain doors – 12” and 20” available
  • Tough tailgate hardware
  • Stronger side walls to prevent bowing
  • Superior dump stability
  • Advanced wall-to-wall construction
  • Lightweight, smooth-walled tailgate
  • Two-way tailgate
  • Side swing tailgate guide ramp roller
  • Thicker aluminum in high wear areas
  • Tandem
  • Tri Axle
  • Spring Air Ride
  • Steel or Aluminum Frame
  • Landing Gear: 2 Speed or Drop Leg
  • Remote Grease Zerks: Top, Bottom or Both
  • Lift Axles
  • Galvanized Hangers
  • Overslung And Sideswing Gate
  • Air Gauge
  • Air Frame Switch
  • Electric Cab Control
  • Tire Inflation System
  • Air Disc Brakes
  • Inboard or Outboard
  • Oval Access Door
  • Aprons
  • Liners
  • 12″ or 20″ Coal Door

Jet Side Dump

Our Jet side dump trailers feature a design without a center divider allowing you to haul without restrictions and the external supports make this brand of side dump one of the most stable trailers available in its category.

  • Self-lubricating tub pivot brushings – reduces maintenance
  • Round bottom tub
  • Long lasting LED lights
  • No center divider
  • AR400 steel tub
  • Large tub siderail
  • Heavy duty push block
  • Angled internal tub corner
  • 4 pivot points per side to support weight during a dump cycle
  • Tandem or triple axel spacing
  • Lift axle
  • Electric tarp system
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Trailer mounted directional control valves
  • Tub extension

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