Our reefer trailers are built with light weight and durable materials which provide maximum efficiency and longer life for your trailer. Reefers are available in the company stock model or can be customized to maximize thermal efficiency, productivity and performance to better meet the specific needs of your business. Because of this, our reefers are the preferred choice for fleets in the food service industries.

360 View

Use your mouse to swipe left or right to rotate 360° and view reefer key features.

  • 100% LED Lighting
  • 5.5” deep aluminum crossmembers
  • Support Leg Bracing
  • Utility Barrier Door design
  • 100% soldered electrical wiring system
  • Versitex-Utility VR2 lining
  • 20,000k duct floor system
  • Heavy-duty 10” wearband
  • Foam mandrel with foam-in-place insulation
  • Utility side skirt
  • Ultra-Road Shield Plus
  • Stainless steel rear door frame
  • Air return bulkheads
  • Rail lift pads
  • Recessed logistic track
  • Decals
  • Electrical system options
  • Severe service high impact linings
  • Utility side skirt
  • Liftgates
  • Temperature management systems
  • Custom positioned side doors
  • Remote ERC switches
  • Clearance light packages
  • Roll up rear doors
  • Trailer scale

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