While our customers have a lot in common, we also recognize that each and every customer has a unique operation with individual needs. With this in mind, we constantly work with our customers to provide customized equipment solutions that allow them to take advantage of their next opportunity in today’s marketplace.

We have talented “Craftsmen” on our team with decades of experience and together we have built a reputation for having the capabilities to do almost any equipment modification imaginable in-house! Fun Fact: This is how Craftsmen got its name!

Custom Equipment Examples:

  • Job Site Vehicles
  • Rolling Warehouses
  • “Dock” Trailers
  • Ocean Loaders
  • Coil Haulers
  • Custom Flatbeds

Our skilled craftsmen and diverse equipment allow us to meet all your custom fabrication needs. With press brakes, shears, and flame and plasma cutting tables, we can manufacture to your design or reproduce obsolete parts, offering same-day service if needed.

Specializing in both steel and aluminum, some of our most common fabricated parts include:

  • Coupler Plates
  • Hanger Plates
  • Splice Plates
  • Threshold Pates
  • Small Parts
  • Rear Door Posts/Headers
  • Spotter Frames
  • Frame Rails
  • Scuff Liner