Even though the standard trailer is ubiquitous in the trucking industry and across the nation’s highways, flatbed trailer solutions can often provide the same benefits without a lot of the hassles. Flatbeds allow for easy loading and unloading from different angles, they often have fewer height and width restrictions for cargo and they also alleviate a lot of the trouble that comes along with hooking up to a traditional trailer.

Below are some highly-rated trailer solutions in the industry that make use of the versatility-through-simplicity principle flatbeds are known for:

  • Utility Flatbed Solutions
    • – Utility is famous for its dry vans and reefers, but the company excels at creating heavy-duty flatbed trailers for use in the toughest conditions.
    • – Often touted for its strength and weight-optimized design, the Utility 4000AE is also an example of how flatbeds can provide superior balance.
    • – The 4000AE offers a 47,000 lb. standard coil haul package, yet the trailer weighs less than some aluminum construction trailer options.
    • – This innovative design only weighs 8,829 lbs!!









  • Reitnouer Flatbed Solutions
    • – When it comes to hauling large loads, Reitnouer is the choice of thousands of drivers.
    • – The company’s main offerings in the heavy-duty sector include the Big Bubba and MaxMiser flatbed trailers.
    • – Big Bubba boasts the ability to handle a GVWR of 100,000 lbs and can accommodate 70,000 lbs in 10 feet and 60,000 lbs in four feet.
    • – MaxMiser trailers offer a 90,000 lb GVWR and utilize a sliding tie-down design to allow for chaining at virtually any location.
    • – Reitnouer also boasts the BEST WARRANTY in the industry!










  • Jet Flatbed Solutions
    • – Jet makes some of the best trailers in the industry, but among the company’s many offerings, its drop deck and beavertail products are some of the most popular.
    • – Jet beavertail trailers offer the sturdiness of a flatbed combined with the convenience of a ramped deck for easier loading and unloading.
    • – If you need to build a “custom” designed trailer, including RGN’s & Boat trailers, the engineers at Jet can accommodate your needs.











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