Craftsmen Utility Trailer is the proud recipient of the Golden State Foods’ Vendor of the Decade award. Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co., one of the industry’s leading manufacturer of trailers, are proud to congratulate Craftsmen on winning the award.

“It is with pride that we congratulate Craftsmen Utility Trailer on this prestigious award. Craftsmen Utility Trailer has always gone above and beyond for their customers. They work hard to help GSF with everything they need to be successful in today’s competitive environment,” said Craig Bennett, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Utility.

Over a span of several years, Golden State Foods has acquired over 1500 new utility trailers from Craftsmen – proving that our partnerships are for the long-run.

“What started off as a business relationship back in 2000 has turned into a true partnership with both our business organizations working hand in hand to provide excellent service as well as assistance in the communities we serve. We provide strong dealer network support and service to Golden State Foods’ distribution centers across the United States combined with the custom trailer designs which Utility is always reevaluating, that allowed for the success and efficiency of GSF requirements and needs that ensure routes are safe and efficient,” said Tony Mercurio, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Craftsmen.

The partnership hasn’t been all business either. They have also collaborated on a lot of charitable endeavors, making sure to give back to the communities they serve.

“In addition to the business over the years, we have also enjoyed an incredible charitable partnership with GSF. For the past decade, our Craftsmen Cares Team has worked hand in hand with the GSF Foundation, providing support programs to children and families in need in the communities in which we live and work,” stated Lou Helmsing, President of Craftsmen Utility Trailer